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How to Change the clock into your name In Windows Xp

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By default, Windows operating system displays the time on the bottom right of the taskbar. Generally, the time format used is the AM and PM with a 12-hour format.

Within Windows there is a manual setting that can change the information in AM and PM is to be whatever you want, such as your name etc.
Here are the step by steps :

  1. Click Start Menu> Control Panel
  2. Then goto the Clock, Language and Regional Options. Then click on Region and Language options.
  3. On the Regional Options tab change the Standard and Formats to English (united States) and select  Indonesia on the Location.
  4. Then click the Settings Addional located right under.
    Additional Settings
  5. On the Time tab, change the name of the standard format AM / PM is whatever you want.
  6.  Click Apply then Ok.
Look at the changes in your taskbar, if you are successful then the clock will changed like  you want.
may be useful.
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