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Combining MKV file

HJSplit is a program to split a large file into small parts in a much more rapidly than did the Split Rar. Where HJSplit can also be used to restore it as before.
Use HJSplit to combine the files in your favorite movie that still use HJSplit MKV format.
Here's how to use it:
Menggabungkan file film

To do JOIN (merging results from fractional HJ Split):
1. Double click HJSplit.exe program (no need to install, this file is portable)
2. click Join
3. Click on input files and browse the file you want combined (just the file extension .001 and
the rest will be directly extracted automatically, but make sure all the files .001 to .00 x is in the same folder)
4. Click the output file if you want to put the results thereof in a different folder (not obligatory on click)
5. press start
6. after the join complete, close HJSplit. Movies can be enjoyed

Recycling Old Computers To Save The Environment

Many cities, towns and townships are now thinking about computer recycling as well as TV recycling methods to protect the environment and avoid possible soil contamination. Because computers contain many parts that could release toxins into the soil, city governments are seeking alternative ways to dispose of your old computers as well as all your old electronic equipment. This eventually will become a normal practice as more city governments become aware of the potential danger of dumping computers and all electronic products into a landfill. Many groups are also spreading the word about computer recycling and want to find better ways to dispose of the equipment.

In many cities, there are local electronic stores or recycling centers that will take your old computers and other electronics, dismantle them, and place the right parts in the right containers for disposal. This method of disposal will soon become a necessity because of the computer industries continued upgrading and making more computers that are newer more affordable for the average person to buy. If the computers make it into landfills as they have in the past, it could eventually cause environmental issues that would then need to be addressed by the federal government.

The issue of recycling computers and other electronics has become a hot computer topic and will continue to be addressed by conservatives and government officials in order to protect the land. Because the monitors as well as televisions have gases and other toxins that if placed in landfill sites could sooner or later release these gases into the atmosphere as well. This is a concern for all who have the ozone and air quality in mind. The gases inside a monitor need to be released safely as you do with a refrigerator or air-conditioner. Without proper release, the air can become filled with these toxic gases.

When recycling computers, monitors and any printers, people need to take the equipment to a place that is accredited for safely disposing of the equipment in a safe and proper way rather than dumping the equipment in a pile somewhere and hope for the best. It is vital that everyone disposes of their computer equipment properly and take it to a participating recycler in the area. You may have to pay a small fee to drop off your old electronic equipment, but you will also be spending the money wisely to protect the environment.

One of the issues surrounding computer disposal is the already thousands if not millions of computers, printers and monitors as well as other electronics that are already in landfills all over the world. Many people express concern about ways to clean up landfill sites that already have the electronics dumped there, but the cost would be in the millions to do such a huge project of this sort. Besides the fact that electronics that have been in landfills for some time now have probably already done what harm they could do already.

Printers just need the ink cartridges and toner cartridges removed before dismantling them. Many stores such as Office Max and other retail electronic stores have barrels for disposing of your old cartridges. Many ink and toner manufactures that sell to stores, supply pre-paid envelopes for sending the old cartridges back for recycling. These practices have been around for quite a while now. This has cut down on ink cartridges and toner cartridges from being pull in landfills. If everyone would learn to recycle computer and electronic equipment, then it will save millions of dollars for future clean up of these landfill sites.

Recycling old computers to save the environment is necessary and everyone has a responsibility to abide by this practice to protect and preserve land and air quality. With the newer computer systems becoming available for an affordable price and the way technology changes daily, people are going to need new computers and other electronic equipment to keep up with the changing world. Recycling is needed to accommodate all the old equipment that will double if not triple over the next few years.

Check the IP address in Microsoft Windows

Want to check the IP address (IP address) in Microsoft Windows? For those of you who are just learning about computers and the Internet, particularly on network / networking, the following article seems to be a mandatory thing you know. IP (Internet Protocol): 32-bit address used to identify your computer desktop, notebook, router, switch or other network device on a network or the Internet. Address is the address assigned to your network card (network card) on your computer to communicate with other network devices. 
Well, immediately wrote .. Let's follow the following simple way:

1. Click Start on the Windows menu, and then click Run. 
2. Then type cmd and click OK. 
3. Command prompt window will appear as below. Type ipconfig. Click Enter.

Please read your IP information correctly identifying the appropriate network card is connected at this time. For the examples used in the test image above is using a laptop, where there is a network card and a wireless card. 
IP is an IP address in the network where the computer when it is connected to the network. 
There is no IP shown for wireless because there is no connection to the wireless network. If you need to check the detailed information that includes a DNS server networks and physical MAC address info, then type ipconfig / all.

how? Easy is not it? may be useful. 

Clearing RAM with shortcut

after the success of the article cleaning ram with notepad,
This time I will give you tips on how to clean ram in another way,
This method can be used to clean the ram,
it's up to you to use the means which,
this article the same function with the article how to clean ram with a notepad,
depending on how you want to use which.

we just started,
Right Click Desktop -> Click New -> ShortCut
On Location Of The Item Type, paste the code below

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Click the Next button
In the Type a name for this shortcut
Create a name, eg MemoryCleaner.exe

When the computer was more severe, Run shortcut MemoryCleaner that we created earlier.
may be useful.