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Combining MKV file

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HJSplit is a program to split a large file into small parts in a much more rapidly than did the Split Rar. Where HJSplit can also be used to restore it as before.
Use HJSplit to combine the files in your favorite movie that still use HJSplit MKV format.
Here's how to use it:
Menggabungkan file film

To do JOIN (merging results from fractional HJ Split):
1. Double click HJSplit.exe program (no need to install, this file is portable)
2. click Join
3. Click on input files and browse the file you want combined (just the file extension .001 and
the rest will be directly extracted automatically, but make sure all the files .001 to .00 x is in the same folder)
4. Click the output file if you want to put the results thereof in a different folder (not obligatory on click)
5. press start
6. after the join complete, close HJSplit. Movies can be enjoyed

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